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About the Founder
In “1986” I sustained a back injury that would change my life forever. As a result of that injury I read a book on reflexology, I began to apply the principles outlined in the book, that was the beginning of my passionate pursuit to learn about the miracle of healing. I was so impressed with the results I decided to attend a college of healing arts, where I earned a license in massage therapy, and became a certified Reflexologist.

Over the past two decades I have taught seminars in both private and public colleges. I have had the opportunity to practice my passion that has restored many back to balance. In my pursuit of the wonderful miracle of healing I have attended many seminars, being exposed to all types of natural therapies, and I learned a very important lesson not all of them deliver what they claim, as a matter of truth few do.

I have been very careful to separate that which has value from that which does not. I will never compromise, either it is ordained by nature (and it is truth) or it is not, it’s just that simple.