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Natural vs. Traditional
Traditional treatments using surgical procedures and or the use of drugs is not without risk, and the outcome can sometimes be devastating. Since the advent of reproductive medicine more than 30 years ago, the federal government has had almost no role in overseeing the technology, or guaranteeing its safety. Despite recent studies, no governmental agency has mandated or even argued for further investigation into the risks of assisted reproduction. Please don’t let your child start life as a medical experiment.

Natural treatments are by far much safer than traditional treatments. That in itself should be enough reason to consider that option, but are they effective, and which one is right for you? Natural treatments have a great advantage as they not only can treat specific known causes, but can be very effective in treating infertility of unknown causes. Approximately one third of all cases are classified as “unknown cause.”

I personally believe treatment should not target a specific cause. The reproductive system is very complex and is greatly affected by hormones, emotions, nutrition, pathology, and environmental factors. A truly holistic approach will work to bring balance to the whole system regardless of the cause.