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What is Reflexology?
Reflexology is an ancient healing art dating back to Egypt around 2330 b.c. Reflexology is the art of applying specific pressure to the sensory rich reflex points, primarily in the feet. This pressure communicates with the central nervous system, the very system responsible for maintaining balance.The central nervous system will respond to this pressure by sending a signal to the proper tissue, gland, or organ to bring balance to that system.

There is a very special relationship between the reproductive system and it’s associated reflex points. These points are the most powerful of all points and when properly stimulated, are very effective in bringing balance to the entire system. Each year reflexology gains popularity and respect as the premiere natural therapy, and recent research has shown it to be the most effective stand alone treatment for infertility.

Nature intended for us to walk barefoot over the earth’s rough surfaces massaging these reflex points to maintain perfect balance. Reflexology is truly a precious gift from nature.